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"Women Mastering Visibility in Business"

If you are in business and tired of being the best kept secret, you've come to the right place... 

I teach women how to "Master Visibility" so they are seen, heard and found by their ideal clients to build a thriving business!

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Phyllis Ginsberg

Author - Speaker - Therapist
“As one of Julia Glyde’s Elite Speakers, I want to share with you what’s possible with proper speaker training. I am one of 23 others on this virtual summit! Check out some of the big names. I’m in great company and I couldn’t have done it without the preparation and practice I got from Julia’s program."

Danyelle Gipson-Grant

Love & Relationship Coach
"As a result of my VIP Coaching Session with Julia I landed a full-pay coaching client.  I've worked with MANY coaches and Julia is one of the finest! I'm so delighted I have an opportunity to work with her and I highly recommend her."

Katherine Korlacki

Professional Organizer
“I came to the studio to work with Julia to get comfortable on video. Within a half hour I was able to make a video that I can use as a template to do more on my own. She made me very comfortable, helped me know what to say and get to the core of the issue without a lot of stress and drama.  I feel like a got this huge gift."

Ronnie Joy

 The Midlife Dating Coach Julia you have a wonderful knack of putting women at ease, and you methodically get us to speak with confidence and clarity (and humor!) Love it!” 

Galen Friend

Massage Therapist

“You do excellent business coaching as well as public speaking training. You break things down into bite size chunks, over time, so people who are frozen, terrified and overwhelmed by all that has to be done can actually do it and course adjust. And that is invaluable! You can quote me on that!”

Christy Tu

Real Estate Investor & Coach

“You always give 110% of your leadership efforts to your students. You are such a great role model and everything you teach as a leader I will pass on to my students.”