A Closer Look...


Why I Do What I Do...


Growing up as a painful shy child, I understand the struggles of those who don't like to attract action to themselves.

Having launched my first entrepreneurial endeavor and negotiating my first international contract at age twenty three, I understand how to get what you want in business.

Twenty eight years later and my third successful business, I've learned the Art of Being Visible and the power of influence to build a thriving business. 

Now I spend my time teaching others how to do the same!

My Mission...


I am on a mission to help women entrepreneurs move from "Fear to Fearless" in every part of their business to get the visibility they need to succeed!

We start with honing in their message, developing their message and unique story, showing up on social media, standing up to speak confidently in public, creating their own videos, leading workshops, filling events and building their own communities.  

I provide a safe, supportive community, both online and off, so they can practice and develop their skills while being surrounded and supported by other motivated women.

Women are raising their visibility and their voices to be seen, heard and thrive and I want to continue to be a leader in empowering them to do that!!