Build Your Business With Videos!

Film Them

Use Them

Monetize Them

What Kind of Videos Will We Be Doing?

"How To Videos"

"Insider Secret Videos"

"Client Testimonials"

"Social Media Videos"

"Website Videos"

"Sales & Offers Videos"

"Facebook Lives"

"Training Videos"

"Online Product Videos"

How it Works:

1. Weekly Challenge Videos with Done-For-Your Scrip Templates

2. Film Your Video by The End of Each Week

3. Share Your Video in Our Facebook Group For Feedback Then Share With The Public

Why It Works:

➤ Take The Guess Work Out of What to Do & Say

➤ Challenges & Deadlines Keep You Focused

➤ Accountability Keeps You on Track

➤ Consistency Creates Momentum

What Results to Expect:

➤ Finished videos to promote your business

➤ An improved way to market yourself 

➤ Increased confidence, visibility & exposure

➤ Stand out from your competition

➤ Attract more clients

➤ Make more sales!

Frequently Asked Questions...

➤ I'm Not Comfortable Doing Videos, Is This For Beginners?

The great thing about this program is you can grow as you go. Doing one video a week will give you practice so you develop skills and confidence.

➤ How Much Time Investment Will it Take?

1. You can expect to invest 30 minutes to 1 hour per week depending on how much time it takes you to do your video challenges and post them. You will get faster as you go.

➤ Will I Get Personalized Feedback, Attention & Support?

I will be active in our private Facebook Group guiding you, giving feedback and answering questions.  There will be opportunities to share your videos within the group.

➤ Will I Get Overwhelmed?

To keep you from getting overwhelmed we are only doing one video per week.  The best part is, we will keep them simple so you can get them done in a short amount of time and experience success and momentum.

➤ What if I'm Not Ready to Post My Videos For The Public

It is not necessary to post your videos for the public.  You can simply do the challenge each week for practice and only post them for the public when you feel ready.

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