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Women's Council of Realtors Delta Association “Julia has a way of capturing the moment and the attention of almost sixty people."

Patrick McCarran - Past President

Women’s Council of Realtors

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Imagine Your People...

➤ Confident Speaking About Their Services

➤ Comfortable Making Promotional Videos

➤ Excited To Be More Visible on Social Media

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Most Popular Talks:

"How to Make Great Marketing Videos"

 In This Presentation Audiences Will Learn:

➤ Why videos are crucial to your business success

➤ Where to use videos to get new clients and referrals

➤ The #1 thing every video should include

➤ The truth about how long videos should really be

➤ The 3 things you need to get started making videos

★ Audiences walk away excited and motivated to make their own marketing videos!


"How to Say What You Do in 10 Words or Less"

 Every business professional needs to be able to say what they do, in just a few words, to set themselves apart.

Julia has been a guest speaker for audiences large and small teaching her popular “How to Say What You Do in

10 Words or Less” formula to thousands of professionals.

Audiences walk away from Julia’s presentation with:

➤ Clarity around who they are speaking to (their target market identified)

➤ What they promise to deliver

➤ Results a potential client can expect from working with or buying from them

★ And they can say it ALL in 10 words or less!

Professionals everywhere have praised this training as key to their marketing message and ability to clearly communicate what it is they really do.

Julia has successfully taught her formula to thousands of professionals who are taking what they learn and stepping into action with their videos!

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