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Most Popular Talks:

"Video Marketing Success"

In this presentation Julia teaches audiences how easy it really is to "Create Their Own Videos" to use on social media and even their website. Participants Walk Away With:

  • Clarity around how to make videos
  • Understanding of where to post videos for results
  • Truth about how long videos should be
  • 3 Things every 

Audiences walk away excited and motivated to make their own marketing videos!


"How to Say What You Do in 10 Words or Less"

Every business professional needs a simple 30 second elevator pitch and a 10 Word Statement that says clearly what they do.  Julia can teach both at a networking meeting, lunch and learn, workshop or as a keynote presenter. 

Audiences Walk Away With:

  • Clarity around who they are speaking to (their target market)
  • What they promise to deliver
  • Results a person can expect

Julia has successfully taught her formula to thousands of professionals who are taking what they learn and stepping into action with their videos!


Women's Council of Realtors Delta Association “Julia has a way of capturing the moment and the attention of almost sixty people. To send her clear message of how to target an audience on video to be used on social media. We had terrific response from the attendees and I highly recommend her for any organization out there.”  Patrick McCarran - President of Women’s Council of Realtors

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